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Photo Gallery

April 2010 Chemeketa April 2010 Chemeketa WCPI speaker Wes's turn 78513913 Sponsored by Homeland Security WCPI speaker Rich 78513914 Very interesting stuff 78513915 Group Project Team building exercises 78513916 Our president's table Front and center 78513917 Newest members Some of our newest members from BC and OR 78513918 Steve, Alan, Marcene Group SAM preparing for an earthquake 78513919 Notes We took lots and lots of notes 78513920 Finishing up with "thoughts" While we were filling out their surveys 78513921 Day Three Threat Assessment Team 78513922 Guests Lots of guests from Kohlmeyer's team 78513923 Portland Community College officers 78513924 Break time Part of the training center 78513925 Networking More break time 78513926 Linfield College and University of Idaho Jason and Ryan 78513927 Nice coats PCC 78513928 Full house Three days worth of training compressed into one 78513929 We could have stayed This is something we need lots more of! 78513930