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Photo Gallery

April 2009 Conference April 2009 Conference Secretary and the Prez What are you laughing at? 33281627 Steven Healy 33281636 Ben and Pat 33281589 Alan Our host 33281998 Day 2 33281593 Day 2 b 33281633 Day 2 c Over seventy!! 33282041 SLATT A few of the instructors during break 33281621 Senator McGee and Allan Our first meeting 33281592 Idaho History Almost had us all there 33281634 Jo Ann and Ryan Private, land grant, state, community colleges... 33282039 President at membership dinner Only two pages there? 33281622 Long introduction... ...andticipation... 33281626 Administrator of the Year Allan Laird Director of Safety 33282040 Allan Laird Now if my arms were a little longer I could read this 33281631 Last Lecture We saw the light! 33281629